NUS to work with group who called Jihadi John ‘a beautiful man’

It makes perfect sense

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NUS delegates will be waving their jazz hands in approval at a new motion to support Islamic rights group CAGE, who infamously called brutal ISIS executioner Jihadi John “a beautiful young man”.

A bizarre motion passed at the NUS national conference demanded: “To publicly oppose the Counter Terrorism and Security Act, for the NUS President to issue a public statement condemning the PREVENT Strategy and the Government’s Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, and work alongside civil liberties groups including CAGE.”

The NUS affectionately describes CAGE as a “civil liberties” group, who are also known for their untiring dedication to free convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, who was jailed for attempting to murder US officials in Afghanistan.

Asim Qureshi refused to condemn ISIS, nor did the NUS.

Asim Qureshi refused to condemn ISIS, nor did the NUS

In 2012, CAGE directors Moazzam Begg and Asim Qureshi also expressed support for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate under Sharia law.

Asim also refused to condemn stoning adulterers to death or female genital mutilation.

Many were baffled by the NUS’s reaffirmation of “no platforming” fascists on campus.

A National Secular Society spokesperson said: “The NUS’s defence of free speech seems to extend to allowing extremist speakers on campus, but they have no objection to enforcing ‘safe space’ and ‘no-platform’ policies which curb free speech on university campuses.

“The National Union of Students appears to be giving Islamism a free pass.”

This comes as no surprise after the NUS refused to condemn ISIS after some branded the motion “Islamophobic”.