Eduroam crash leaves Bristol uni without internet

We had to survive all morning without going online

Eduroam was down across campus for all of this morning, leaving many students outraged as they attempted to prepare for exams.

Stranded in the library without internet access, desperate bookworms were left with no choice but to tether their phones to keep the internet flowing. This led to a range of funky personal hotspot names in the Wills Library.

tab 1

That’s one way to come out of the closet Gethin…

One Law student told The Tab: “If I can’t get internet in Wills, I might as well go to UWE”.

Creativity or procrastination?

Creativity or procrastination?

The IT Services eventually released a statement informing students the Eduroam wireless service is “still experiencing intermittent problems”. However, normal internet access appeared to resume around 1.30pm.

The outage occurred after planned work on the data centre network which only expected to affect services between 8.55am to 10.20am this morning.