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After one drink of alcohol you’re a lot less attractive

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Bristol eggheads have discovered that having one drink of booze makes you more attractive – but any more than that ruins it.

Their study asked 40 students to hit the sauce for science. They were then judged on their appearance by sober companions.

Researchers took photos of the participants’ faces three times: once while sober, then after one alcoholic drink and again after another drink.

Drink this and I'll be sexy in no time

Drink this and I’ll be sexy in no time

The sober group were asked to each judge two photos side-by-side for comparison, with either a sober photo placed next to a photo after one drink, or a sober photo next to a photo after two drinks.

According to the researchers, the sober group found photos of students who had been given only one drink more attractive than the sober photos. However, they also found the sober photos were more attractive than photos taken after the students drank even more alcohol.

So, next time you’re at pre-drinks bear in mind that you’re only going to look less fit to people once you crack on with that second drink.

While no one is certain exactly why a small amount of alcohol makes people more attractive, the scientists reckon one reason is alcohol dilates the pupils, signalling attraction.

It also flushes the cheeks and relaxes the face muscles, which makes people seem more approachable.

Clearly more than one drink consumed here...

Clearly more than one drink consumed here…

The professor leading the research, Marcus Munafo, told LiveScience: “Obviously this doesn’t mean that alcohol is healthy. What it means is that alcohol is sort of hijacking that mechanism, promoting the aspect of facial features that we regard as attractive for other reasons”.

However, the study also concluded that if more than one alcoholic beverage is consumed these features can become exaggerated and therefore less attractive.

The researchers also admitted that in reality, if the person looking at you is also drinking, you may continue to appear attractive to them no matter how much you’re drinking because of the “beer goggles” effect.

The same group of eggheads discovered last year that the “beer goggles” myth was actually true, and that volunteers found images more appealing when they’d been drinking.