Look at these incredibly inspiring pictures of the Life Sciences building

It nearly cost as much as Ángel Di María

Every university should have a building as great as the new Life Sciences building. It’s picturesque, everybody uses it and it cost a snip. What could be better?

The Life Sciences Building is the pinnacle of 21st century design, an absolute magnificent piece of modern architecture.

The Shard, The Burj Al Arab…The Life Sciences Building.


Who would have thought you could make a building look so bland and featureless for the measly sum of £56.5 million?

Just let that sink in. 56,500,000 quid. That’s 1 Angel Di Maria or 14,125,000 double vodka cokes in Bunker.

Despite resembling a spruced-up Soviet factory, the Life Sciences building is breathtaking in so many ways. From the tasteful, bright orange lockers, to a random gorilla, the Life Sciences building doesn’t leave a stone unturned.

Couldn’t think of a better colour…

One step ahead, rainwater from the roof flushes brainy biologists toilets. If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite the building even has two bat roosts.

Aaah, that’s where our money’s going then – I hope those bats feel really at home. Free accommodation and food. Talk about living the high life. They’re getting a better deal than most undergrads anyway.

The environment is always first in the LSB

How scientists must sneer at their inferior ASS library counterparts across the road . And why not? They’ve only got a fuck-off massive vegetable patch on the wall to shout about.

Whoever came up with this idea is nothing short of a genius. I was left in utter awe when I first witnessed this botanical masterpiece. I mean some shrubbery on a wall that you have to walk around the building to actually see.


Was the designer drunk when he thought this was a good idea?

Was the designer drunk when he thought this was a good idea?

This new building has enriched the university immeasurably. The building boasts a kilometre of bench space and 100 new bicycle spaces.

Sir David looks thrilled

Just about everything we need then. We can all die happy knowing there will always be a place to sit in the Life Sciences building.