My family gave me a boar’s head to celebrate my A-levels

A-levels were a boar, but Nessy’s not

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You might get some extra cash or even a fresh laptop to congratulate you on A-level results day. But how about the head of a boar? 

One lucky Bristol undergrad was presented with the prized taxidermy – named Nessy – when she nailed down her place.

Chloe Cole, who is going into her second year, said the severed head of the wild animal even became a campus celebrity.

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Making one night stands terrifying since 2013

Chloe said: “Nessy has been in my life for many years. She was bought from an antiques shop in Kent by my Grandad, who spotted her, named her, and refused to leave without her.

“A seasoned traveller, Nessy relocated to the South of France, taking residence above the door to the west wing. She soon became a hazard, falling off the wall and threatening to bludgeon anyone brave enough to venture up the stairs.”

The weirdest present ever?

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When the boar got too much for her Granddad, Chloe was grateful to receive furry Nessy.

She added: “I had always been a big fan of Nessy. While others faced her with a confused grimace, or an occasional glance of disgust, I had always felt admiration. So when I was told that I’d be receiving her as a prize for working so hard throughout my a-levels, I was ecstatic.

“My parents were less so, having the arduous task of driving for thirteen hours and being terrified of customs noticing the strange cargo in Calais.”

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After Nessy arrived from France, Chloe’s new decoration became a campus celeb when she hung it above her door.

She added: “Surprisingly, my dog was the biggest fan of Nessy. He decided that a head was the best playmate, and constantly barked at her and tried to get her to play fetch with him. It didn’t quite work.

“Nessy now lives above my wardrobe, a strange guardian over my uni bedroom. My flatmates haven’t quite accepted her, but in time I hope she can win them over.”

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