Mysterious doctor: Peter Andre’s fiancée passes final medical exams

Bristol medic has finally finished her medical studies and become a doctor


Emily MacDonagh, Bristol medic and fiancée of Peter Andre, has passed her final uni exams and qualified as a doctor.

The Mysterious Girl singer announced the news on Twitter, writing: “She’s only gone and done it – Emily passed her final exams. Dr Emily MacDonagh, sounds great doesn’t it? So so proud”.


The achievement, accomplished by the vast majority of medical students every year, is particularly notable because Emily had taken time off from her studies to give birth to her and Peter’s daughter Amelia.

Peter Andre told Good Morning Britain: “I’m so proud of her… I just hope for her I don’t become a hypochondriac.”

If you can’t remember who Peter Andre is, you can learn about the man himself through his endless series of documentary TV shows, the best of which is probably “Peter Andre: My Life”.

To congratulate Emily, The Tab can think of no better tribute than to quote the great man himself: “Baby girl I said tonight is your lucky night”.

It certainly is. Well done.