Have you seen Steve’s pigeon? Bizarre posters plastered round campus

Police are yet to comment

When Steve fed a pigeon some of his sandwich, he could little have imagined the nightmare that was to follow.

After flying away that fateful afternoon, Steve has never seen his winged companion again.

Posters informing everyone of Steve’s loss have appeared in several spots around the city in the last week.

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For never was a story of more woe than that of Steve and his Pigeon

The poster reads: “Every day outside the ASS library I like to chill with this bird. I gave him some of my sandwich and then after like 8 minutes he kinda just flew away.

“I go outside to the same spot every day to see if I can see him but so far no luck. If you ever see him please let me know, he made that one day really special for me.

“Call Steve at 01179733400.”

Wanting to help lead the manhunt (or rather, pigeonhunt), The Tab tried to reach Steve for comment. Unfortunately, the number left on the poster is for his work: Domino’s Pizza.

Not pictured: Steve and his pigeon

Not pictured: Steve and his pigeon

When we called, Steve wasn’t at work and his colleague seemed extremely confused.

He told The Tab: “I’m sorry, I don’t know anyone called Steve”.

We can only assume Steve is so distraught he is unable to make it into work, and his colleagues are covering for him.

Theories abound as to what what has happened to the pigeon. Was it pigeon-napped? Murdered? Or maybe it simply flown away? The truth is, we’ll probably never know.

Her pigeons never flew away

Her pigeons never flew away

Our thoughts and prayers are with Steve at this difficult time. If you have any information, please contact Steve at Domino’s Pizza or email [email protected]