How does this poster make you feel?

It’s been put in every toilet on campus


The poster has been created as part of the SU’s Trans Awareness Week.

Most people have praised the poster, but there have been some dissenting comments.

Activist John Davis said: “I’d be a little concerned that some advocates of ‘Lad culture’ would take this as a challenge.”

Feminist blogger FireWomon said: ”It makes light of the fears of any woman who does not feel comfortable sharing women-only space with males.”

“It puts male ‘identity’ before females’ comfort & safety, like saying “Don’t worry if you see a man in the women’s toilets. He knows better than you.”

An unnamed Bristol graduate said: “Women have a right to safe spaces on campus: signs like these make it clear that priorities seem to lie with the small percentage of trans people rather than the larger female student body.”

“I can’t say its anti-feminist, because I’m sure people in the LGBT society identify themselves as feminists. But it seems anti-woman.”

LGBT President Jamie Cross has defended the poster.

“We are by no means encouraging people to behave inappropriately in any bathroom. If someone acts in a way which causes other people to feel uncomfortable or threatened in a public bathroom then that obviously needs to be tackled.”

“I think the message to take is that if you are uncertain of someone’s gender, be sympathetic to the fact that this might be a transgender person who may feel uncomfortable in either bathroom.”

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