Science duo want smoking banned outside the ASS library

They want us all to be healthier

Two health-obsessed scientists want to ban people from smoking outside the ASS library – because they don’t like breathing in the smoke.

They also want to make the whole of Woodland Road a non-smoking area.

No lighting up along here ever again

This photo was taken in colour but all the cigarette smoke turned it monochrome

Shirin El Ghomari and Sebastian Sonesten have proposed a motion to Student Council that smoking be completely banned on uni grounds, except for a few designated areas.

Their motion says: “Breathing in cigarette smoke can be distressing for a lot of people.

“Smoking outside of buildings is violating the choice of non-smokers not to smoke.

“Smokers can smoke anywhere but we all share university buildings, which are obviously fixed in position, making this issue deeply unfair.”

The ASS library, unobscured by clouds of cigarette smoke

The ASS library, unobscured by clouds of cigarette smoke

The motion was due to be put before Student Council last month, but Shirin and Sebastian both failed to turn up.

Instead, it has been deferred to 2nd December.

Given the lack of awareness of what goes on at Student Council among the majority of students, news of a potential ban has been a shock to many.

Anthropology student Oscar Jackson told The Tab: “Personally, it sounds shit. We’re not a campus uni.

“Loads of people are going to be late for lectures if this happens.”

Even non-smokers are questioning the need for a blanket smoking ban.

Non-smoker Steven Roberts told The Tab: “I really don’t agree with that. Most students enjoy the odd fag.

“It’s the kind of bullshit that normally gets passed through. Let’s hope it’s shoddily implemented.”

Read Shirin and Sebastian’s motion in full here.