Man accused of sexual assault on student thought her no meant yes

He denies the charges of sexual assault and false imprisonment

A man accused of sexually assaulting a female student he met on Park Street has told a jury he thought she wanted to be with him, even though she’d said no.

Professional Iranian boxer Hasan Karkadi told the court he saw the complainant in the early hours of the morning and wanted to take her home.

He said: “I wasn’t really thinking of sex. What was on my mind was being alone, in a room, in a house by a dual carriageway.”

Karkardi had been in the UK for seven months before his arrest

The court heard that the female student was very drunk and vulnerable when he approached her.

Despite repeatedly telling him to leave her alone, he persuaded her to get in a taxi with him to his house, and molested her after lying her on his bed.

Karkardi, who speaks little English, told the court he had also been drunk that night.

“When I saw her then I noticed she was pretty and she smiled at me so I smiled back at her and I liked her.

“I was sexually attracted to her.

“I honestly and truthfully understood almost no English at the time.

“I learned a few English words which I tried to communicate with. I didn’t understand words she was trying to say to me.”

They got into a taxi on Park Street

They got into a taxi on Park Street

Asked under cross-examination about the student telling him to leave her alone, he said he did not understand.

“I felt like when a girl says no but wants to say yes.

“If a girl does like a boy but she doesn’t want to show it she would speak to him, keep him waiting – it’s the same everywhere in the world.

“If a boy approaches a girl and the girl doesn’t like him she would just turn around and go.”

He went on to say the woman entered his house of her own free will.

He denied trying to kiss her, trying to draw her onto his bed, putting his arm around her waist, preventing her from getting up, or touching her sexually.

The professional boxer, who had won all four of his previous bouts, also questioned why she got in the taxi with him if she didn’t want to be there.

The trial continues.