We just bought Pam Pam

Bristol Uni buys Beacon House, home of Pam Pam, to use as a study space and cafe for students.

Bristol University club library Pam Pam Study Space

Yeah, you read that right. Apparently Uni bigwigs wanted to acquire ‘a new student hub’.  So they went and bought Pam Pam.

Well, kinda.

Technically, the university’s bought the building that Pam Pam leases and they’re turning it into a schmantsy new study space.

This will be welcome news to anyone who's a fan of an empty dancefloor

This will be welcome news to anyone who’s a fan of an empty dance floor

It’s actually going to be pretty snazzy: we’re getting 350 new desks over four floors, a cafe and maybe even a bookshop and a bank.

But fear not, Uni officials don’t hate us as much as they did when they built the ASS – we’re not actually expected to work in Pam Pam with the dulcet tones of LMFAO echoing off the dingy walls. Pam Pam lease the basement of the building and the study areas will be built above it.

So you can go from Foucault revision to the foam party in about five seconds.  If you only go out when the Medic Society has a bar crawl and you hate when there are other people in the room, that is.

We own this now

We own this now

The building’s called Beacon House and it’s supposedly a famous “flagship” building because it’s on the Triangle and last year it held the Gromit exhibition.

Before that, it was a Habitat shop – a sort of Wilko’s for rich old people. I guess it’s a major tourist attraction like Cabot Tower and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Now we’re just waiting for the announcement of free entry and drinks for Bristol students at Pam Pam, since, y’know, we own the place.

Revision, Pam Pam's, sleep and repeat.

Revision, Pam Pam’s, sleep and repeat.