Missed your chance to go on the Park Street water slide? Watch this GoPro vid instead

Based on this video, you really didn’t miss much

If you weren’t one of the lucky few to get to go on the Park Street water slide, you probably looked on with envy as the UWE Vice Chancellor and some bloke off the One Show took their turn down the 90m piece of blue tarpaulin.

However, it turns out that, as our reporter suspected on the day, the experience was far from the white-knuckle ride you might have imagined it being.

GoPro footage of people hurtling down the slide towards oblivion/College Green shows that actually the whole thing was pretty tame, probably because they weren’t brave enough to have the slide extend all the way down the road.

Admit it, you thought it would be bigger Photo: @NPAS_Filton

Admit it, you thought it would be bigger
Photo: @NPAS_Filton

Moving at a pace best described as sedentary, this slider even has to push themselves along at one point after they come to a stop halfway down.

Thankfully not everyone had so much trouble making it from one end of the hill to the other, but it’s hard not to feel that this was another great idea ruined by the impracticalities of health and safety. Oh well, at least there’s no way to fuck up turning Park Street into a park…right?