Happy Easter!

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The students of Bristol have headed home but fear not, our fearless team of student journalists will be back in time for next term.

The latest crazy antics, edgy features and hard-hitting opinions can still be found over the holiday by visiting tab.co.uk.

The top 5 articles from this year so far:

1. Why Medics need to get over themselves

2. If you get smashed on a night out, you’ve got no right to criticise drug users

3. Arts students are being conned and deserve cheaper degrees

4. This YouTube beat poet will make you cringe

5. 5 Bristol guys you don’t want to date

This term we brought you porn filmed on campus, reported a ‘sexist’ campaign by Itchy Feet, found that students think UBU is the worst thing about Bristol, and tricked you into thinking non-arts students had been banned from the ASS library on April 1st.

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