Rugby Varsity build-up: meet the Bristol centres and back three

Ahead of the Varsity clash, Rugby captain Steffan Jones profiles his players. Now it’s time for the centres and back line…

Centers and Back-Three

The final instalment of profiles sees us move to the glory boys, the centres, wingers and full-back.

Will Sharratt


The lowdown: Players’ player of the year Sharratt will be looking to end his successful season in style at Varsity. A centre as northern as you could get, Will has been a lynchpin for the 1s this season and will be sorely missed as he spends a year away from Bristol next year.

Having spent most of last year as a substitute fly half, praying for a Steve Boatman injury that never came, Sharratt has taken to his new position as if he’s been there all his life. His industrial style of play will surely a thorn in UWE’s side come Monday evening.

What to expect: Explosive runs, big hits and a distinct Lancashire twang.

Charlie Esam


The lowdown: Charlie will take over my post as club captain next year, and will hopefully be the first one in recent years to avoid the dreaded CC injury curse. Any worries about the election massaging his ego, however, are unfounded, as there is definitely no danger of that head getting any bigger.

Despite the 13 shirt being left by former 1st team captain Charlie Mortimer, Esam has ensured a seamless transition and has been in the 1st XV since the very first game of the season. I also had to promise Charlie that I wouldn’t bring up the Call Me Maybe video that is hiding in certain corners of the internet ( in case you were interested)

Interesting fact: Every year, coach Greg chooses one lucky fresher for some…extra-curricular training…and Charlie was the chosen one this year.

What to expect: Tackles, tries and a few suspect snapchats from the Bunker toilets.

Nick Coward


The lowdown: Nick, or Nicky Coward as his cute lunchbox tells us, will be on the wing for his second consecutive Varsity on Monday night. He was also social sec this year, although you probably haven’t noticed, as he prefers to delegate all decisions to his seemingly several ‘assistant social secs’ that he has in the club.

‘Cow’ is lucky in the sense that it only takes him a pint and half to be inebriated and he is that guy that’s always just a little bit too drunk in Bunker (yeah, he drinks). A good all-round player, Nick will undoubtedly be a key player for Bristol at the Memorial Ground.

Interesting fact: Despite the apathetic facade that he projects, Cow is a closet romantic, and a picture of him and his girlfriend even made it to the ‘Things Boys Do We Love’ Instagram page. Cute.

What to expect: Great tackling, a quirky running style and few too many ‘out-the-back’ pass attempts

Marcus Webber


The lowdown: Winger Marcus is another closely vying for the ‘sulkiest member of the club’ award. His sulkiness all started last year at AGM, where, after an unsuccessful campaign to become club sec,  he ignored unanimous cries from the Roo-bar back benches for him to run for sevens sec.

He really doesn’t want to be sevens sec. But despite this, Marcus, a quick and agile player, is definitely one to look out for on Monday night if excitement is what you’re looking for.

Interesting fact: Marcus is sometimes known as ‘Wadey’ for his resemblance (in playing style, of course) to Wasps winger Christian Wade.

What to expect: exciting runs, dw for side-steps and an inevitable moan to coach Matt Salter about something.

George Lawson


The lowdown. Fresh wing George has been a revelation this year in the first team, and his one of the first names on the team sheet. He’s a character off the field as well, despite his nickname of ‘Borge Snoreson’.

George was adamant that he’d win worst lid at sh-lid social,  but despite sporting a horrendous Mohawk,  he still missed out. As many do once they arrive in Bristol, Lawson is going through somewhat of an identity crisis – is he edgy or not? One on hand, commentators recall his recent debut at Motion, and that he regards bunker as ‘a bit mainstream’.

However he is still loyal to his Hollister and his baggy jeans and he spells Lakota with a C. Survey says = not edgy. George is a valued member of the first team and will be a key player against UWE on Monday night.

What to expect: Barnstorming runs, big defense and a habit of stripping off in kebab shops.

Sam Higgins


The lowdown: Another member of UBRFC’s ever-growing ‘nice guy club’, Sam will be covering wing and fullback at Varsity. With a soothing northern tone, Dentist Sam enjoys cutting his teeth into opposition defense, highlighted by his sensational last minute, 80-metre, solo effort against Cardiff Met last year to earn a vital bonus point.

What to expect: Solid tackling, exciting running and a Bolton accent that could melt butter.