Itchy Feet Sexism-O-Meter

How sexist was Itchy Feet in reality?

Last Friday, Itchy Feet hosted its third night of the year under the promotion: ‘Drunk Women deserve Jail’.

How sexist was it? In my eyes, not really at all.

The night was entertaining and had a great vibe. At no point did it feel like girls were being exploited or depicted badly.

This was despite male promoters being dressed in tough officer costumes, frisking you on entry, and girls in what can only be described as standard police or convict outfits.

Girl dressed as a slutty convict? I don't think so...

Girl dressed as a slutty convict? I don’t think so…

Asking the employees on the night if they felt the promotional campaign or night was in anyway sexist, most tended to disagree.

“It’s just a fun way of attracting people to the event and making it more enjoyable for us,” one female employee responded.

“These types of jobs are quite boring but the promotional campaign allowed us to have a bit more fun, as we took students away for interrogation and took their finger prints.”

Some students enjoyed the hands-on experiences the night provided

Some students clearly enjoyed the hands-on experiences the night provided

And what did the attendees of the night think? Well, most could not be arsed to speak to a creepy stranger asking these odd questions on a night out, but generally it seemed they shared the same views. (Most probably did not give a shit).

Some great efforts for costumes

Some great efforts for costumes

The music was a great mix of old school and electro swing, including a live band, and it provided a contrast to the sexist lyrics found in today’s hip-hop charts.

Furthermore, it was clear a lot of effort had gone into making the venue fit the promotional campaign of ‘Jailhouse’.

The live band killed it...and not in a sexist manner

The live band were killing it

All-in-all the night was a great alternative to Syndicate or the O2’s Ramshackle found on Fridays and its ‘sexist’ promotional campaign clearly attracted a large crowd.

Only negative? One attendee complained ‘the bouncers were such dicks’ and found this ‘ironic on a Jailhouse night’. Perhaps they were just fitting the part too?  Difficult to say this was a sexist gesture however.