Rugby Varsity build-up: meet the Bristol second row

Ahead of the Varsity clash, Rugby captain Steffan Jones profiles the Bristol players. We continue with the unsung heroes of Bristol’s pack – the industrious second row.

The Second Row – numbers 4 and 5 – are generally the unsung heroes of the forwards. You will usually see the second rowers soaring high to catch line-out balls. They’re undoubtedly a key cog in the pack.

Jamie Reid

This 'softie' will prove hard work for UWE to handle at the lineout

This ‘softy’ will be hard to handle for UWE at the line-out

The Low-down – As the most sensitive man in UBRFC, not many have a bad word to say about Reidy. Due to a distinct shortage of guys to go in ‘the row’, Jamie answered the call and reluctantly made the move from the wide open spaces of the Centre position.

He now spends his scrum time with his head in the smelly close quarters between the thighs of our props, but has gone about his work without fuss. He now looks like he has been playing there all his life.

Word has it he’s even forgotten what it’s like to pass a ball! Every team needs a member like Reidy – despite his absence from the limelight he rarely lets anybody down and is a vital part of the squad.

Interesting fact –  He is sometimes known as “Rainbow” for being a softy.

What to expect – Strong running, dedication and maybe a tear or two. 

Sam Jeffries


Can Sam produce as strong a performance as his jawline?

The Low-down – Sam makes up the other half of possibly the nicest second row pairing in UBRFC history. A quiet but popular member of the squad, it is quite apt that Jeffries plies his trade in ‘the row’, as he could easily pass for a member of an Oxbridge coxless four team.

His long limbs see him dominate in the lineout and his strength is a very useful force in the contact area. Often voted as having the best ‘rig’ in the squad, and with a jawline to match, Jeffries should probably be in front of a camera rather than in front of two men and their dogs at Coombe Dingle on a Wednesday.

But don’t take him for granted – Jeffries can turn on the rage when he wants. He certainly isn’t always ‘Silent Sam’, as illustrated by his passionate speech at AGM in applying for the role of Publicity Sec. Unsuccessful, but enthusiastic nonetheless!

Interesting fact – Jeffries is jetting off for an exciting year’s study abroad (but nobody tell Head Coach Matt Salter!)

What to expect – Hard work, strong tackling and reaching high into the sky to try and recover one of Dalton Tice’s wayward throws.

Ben Wiegman


Will it be UWE or Tinder that feels the force of Ben’s aggressive tackling

The Low-down – Normally, 2nd team captain Ben spends most of his time in the back row, but will do anything to please 1st XV coach Matt Salter and fills in when required.  There’s too much to say about Ben Wiegman to fill a small profile, but I will try my best. He’s a guy more often seen before he’s heard. If Wiegman’s in your vicinity, you’ll know about it.

Whenever he’s not talking about the Wiegman family empire (aka Tyrrell’s Crisps) or telling the boys about his (very) questionable Tinder exploits, he’s a useful deputy to have, covering a multitude of positions.

He likes to throw his weight around almost as much as he likes to throw his terrible chat around, and his work rate means the opposition often find him almost as annoying as we do on Wednesday nights at Roo Bar. Despite often being the butt of many jokes, Ben is a great character to have in the squad.

Interesting facts – He’s a popular captain for the 2nd team, and is a valuable member of the club’s committee as our esteemed sponsorship secretary. However, the question of why we we’re not sponsored by a certain crisp manufacturer remains unanswered…

What to expect – Aggressive tackling, loud shouting and an annoyingly high number of cries of “FLIP!”. Don’t ask.