Why guys have it tougher on a night out

Will Disney thinks nights out can be a real nightmare for guys – girls have it easy in comparison!

The ‘big night out’ each week for students brings the two genders together in the sweaty and predatory breeding ground that is the archetypal night club.  While girls may point to vulnerability and the social pressure to ‘look good’, the reality is guys have it harder and here’s why:


There’s far more pressure on the ‘gentleman’ to pay for girl’s entry into a club or buy drinks for her in the social situation. I do not think I have ever heard of a girl offering to buy a bloke a drink in order to keep the flirtatious conversation going and keep their potential match ‘interested’. While I know feminists will passionately argue this is just enhancing sexist stereotypes, I’m afraid the reality is this is still the status quo on a night out.

Another Cheap Night Out...

Another cheap night out…


While girls moan they have to put in more of an effort than guys to get ready, this is simply not true and, most probably, rather sexist. Indeed, there is just as much pressure on guys to look good than there is a girl. I have friends taking up to an hour to get ready and fair play to them. They want to look as attractive to the opposite sex just as girls want to…if not more!

Which Shit Shirt Tonight

Which shit shirt tonight?

The ‘First Move’

Again, feminists will be snapping at my heels. However, I am afraid this is still the status quo no matter what you believe. The effort guys put into getting ready goes to this main principle. In order to get things going with someone they like on a night out, it is the guys who have to make the initial move. There is significant social pressure for guys to get with someone on a night out, the thought recurring in their minds repeatedly and preventing them fully enjoying the night out.

A Guy Panicking over the 'First Move'

A guy panicking over the ‘First Move’


Not many guys can truly say they LOVE dancing in the club. Their only reason to do this is to fit in with everyone else and, if they’re lucky, groove their way into  some girl’s (OR GUYS) social space. Girls can act embarrassingly with awful and playful dance moves with their girlfriends. Guys on the other hand are forced to pull out some outrageous and ridiculous dancing styles in attempts to impress those around them, while pretending to know the lyrics to the girl’s favourite One Direction songs.

Some outrageous moves being thrown

Some outrageous moves being thrown