The weirdest places Bristol students have had sex

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?

Here at the Tab, we decided to undertake a piece of pioneering investigative journalism. We wanted to find out the weirdest places Bristol students have had sex. All respondents have asked to be kept anonymous (for obvious reasons). 

Bus stop on the downs 

What does a Stoke Bishop student use for protection?

A bus stop apparently.

Our respondent told us it was ‘freezing cold’, but ‘strangely enjoyable’.

Downs bus stop

 The Downs in general 

One of the more risky places to get frisky – the Downs doesn’t have the best reputation amongst students. According to our respondent, however, he and his partner ‘had a great time’, even if they got ‘utterly filthy rolling around on the grass’. Lovely image that.


The ASS (I mean the library) 

Another individual told us they’d had sex with their boyfriend in the ASS Library toilets. Not the most pleasant of locations, it has to be said…



Yep, we weren’t sure whether to believe this one, but one guy told us he’d had sex with a girl ‘inside Lounge’. We know Lounge has a reputation as a ‘pick-up spot’, but come on, seriously?


Hiatt Baker Box room 

This is a favourite among Hiatt Baker students apparently. Although it’s dark, dingy and a bit creepy, apparently it’s a great place to get passionate with your partner.

Hiatt Baker Box room

College Green

One for the exhibitionists, our respondent claimed he likes to be ‘experimental’ with his sex locations. Apparently he did it at night when nobody was around…but we’re intrigued as to how exactly he got away with it?

...Just not during an EDL demo

Just not during an EDL demo…