Another devastating blow for the Union, as they’re voted the worst thing about Bristol University

More awful news for the Union, as it tops poll for the worst thing about Bristol

On Sunday we launched a poll aiming to find out why student satisfaction scores at Bristol are so consistently low, affecting the University’s standing in national league tables.

Around 1200 of you voted, of whom 23.21% selected the Student Union as the thing they hated most about Bristol. It was by far the most popular choice, with Facilities coming in second place with 15%.

Oh dear President Griffiths

Oh dear President Griffiths

The news serves another crushing blow to UBU’s reputation. It’s been a tough year for President Rob Griffiths and his team, after The Tab Bristol – the only student newspaper prepared to hold the Union to account (unlike our friends at UBU-affiliated EpiBore) – revealed VP Tom Flynn had been kicked out of a London hotel while on Union business and then exposed VP Ellie Williams’ astonishing rant about ‘rich whites’ and ‘disgusting’ sports societies on Twitter.

Tom Flynn...kicked out of a London hotel

Tom Flynn…kicked out of a London hotel

Ellie’s rant came after the Union’s role review motion, which proposed shifting responsibilities for sport on to a new officer, flopped at the AMM, being strongly opposed by sports captains.

Ellie Williams' notorious tweets

Ellie Williams’ notorious tweets

After releasing a half-hearted apology, in which they refused to distance themselves from Ms Williams’ comments, the Union was attacked by President of the Freedom Society, Henry Thorpe, for showing ‘contempt’ for democracy by continuing to push the controversial role review proposal.

With the student elections just around the corner, it will be interesting to see whether current officials run for another term despite their battered reputation.