Fuze 2014: Bristol’s next top models

Britain’s next top models battle it out at The Passenger Shed, the premier exam destination for Bristol students.

The countdown has begun! There are only 2 days left until Fuze, Britain’s largest student-run fashion, music and dance event, hits The Passenger Shed for one of the biggest weekends on Bristol’s calendar.

If last year is anything to go by, this year’s show is set to be spectacular, so Tab Fashion caught up with two of the models gracing the catwalk to get all the gossip on Fuze 2014.

Jamie Ray, a third year Politics and Sociology student, and Philippa Bosquet, a 2nd year Biochemist, talk to us about what it’s like to be one of the faces of Fuze:

Jamie Ray, Fuze model and 3rd year Politics and Sociology student. Photo: fuze-bristol.com

Jamie Ray, Fuze model and 3rd year Politics and Sociology student. Photo: fuze-bristol.com

Philippa Bosquet, 2nd year Biochemistry student. Photo: fuze-bristol.com

Philippa Bosquet: Fuze model and 2nd year Biochemist. Photo: fuze-bristol.com


How did you become a Fuze model?

Jamie: I went last year to watch a housemate and was genuinely surprised by how well run the event was.  So in my final year I thought it could be something fun to get involved in.

Philippa: My friend who is on the committee told me to come to the auditions, which were cool but quite intimidating. You have to go into a room in front of about five judges and walk up and down twice in your heels with them watching you. If you do well in that round, they call you back, and in the second audition you have to do the same – but in your underwear!

How are you feeling about the show?

Jamie: I’m feeling ok about it now but I think on the Saturday night I’ll be pretty nervous.  I haven’t ever been on stage in front of that many people so it could be interesting to watch me crumble…

Philippa: It’s been a bit stressful, as being a model involves being a promoter as well, so we have to sell tickets. We’ve had rehearsals every week and it’s been really exciting watching it develop. We haven’t got any more rehearsals now, so this is it!

Do you have any favourite labels or looks featuring in the show?

Philippa: One of the brands we’re modelling is based in Stokes Croft. It’s called Puckoo and they make really fun leggings and stuff.

Jamie: Serge DeNimes is always cool, but I think Jaded has some pretty exuberant pieces that will look good on the night.

Is there anything particularly exceptional to look out for?  

Jamie: Without saying too much I think the opening of the Serge walk should be pretty special. Asides from that, all of the dancers are incredible and the real stars of the show.

Have you had any embarrassing or awkward moments modelling for Fuze?

Philippa: I had to change in the Royal Fort Gardens. I was in my pants in the Royal Fort Gardens in November – I got quite cold!


Fuze 2013 - they just love getting their models naked! Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

Fuze 2013 – they just love getting their models naked! Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper


What’s the best thing about being a Fuze model?

Jamie: It’s good fun as along as you don’t take yourself too seriously and believe you’re the next David Gandy! It’s just generally been a good way to meet people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met.

Philippa: The best thing about doing Fuze is making new friends. It’s a really nice community. We didn’t know each other that well before – I think there were a lot of people who did it last year who knew each other already, but they all included the first or second years who hadn’t done it before. Pryzm are our sponsors, so that’s where we’ve had a few socials – it’s really fun actually!

Why do you think people should come and watch the show? 

Jamie: Well it beats going to Bunker every Monday!  It really is a different kind of night and is one of the best events of the year.


Unfortunately tickets for the Saturday night have all sold out, but there are still some available for the Friday night. The show is in aid of the charity Anti-Slavery International, which supports the fight against modern-day slavery. If Jamie and Philippa’s cheeky headshots haven’t convinced you to go along, you can catch up with all the gossip from the weekend right here, as The Tab will be reviewing the show next week.