The top seven highlights of the AMM

Thursday night’s AMM was the social event of the year. Here are the seven best things that happened.

AMM croc electronics Food Imogen Palmer Sports UBU

1. You voted the Bristol Croc most likely to be in the ASS.  The Tab takes full credit for that!

Thanks To The Tab, Rumour Has It The Croc Is Now In The ASS

Thanks to the Tab, rumour has it the Croc is now in the ASS

2. Oh the innuendos.  “If the electronics don’t work you’ll just have to resort to using your hands.”  This was SUPPOSED to be about voting.

Eventually Got These Working So We Didn't Have To Use Our Hands To Get There

Eventually got these working so we didn’t have to use our hands to get there

3. Imogen Palmer, VP for Activities and UBU hero.  We love her for her five attempts to say “partishipashion,” (and trying to laugh it off: “Sorry, that sounded like Pierce Brosnan!”)  And for shouting “fuck!” in the middle of her speech.  Imogen tells us she meant to say Sean Connery.  Pierce Brosnan “just came out.”  “Lol” indeed.



4. You cared more about the ball vs outdoor festival joke vote than the actual motions.  Even though you know the ball will be as terrible as last year.

Remember When You Spent Most Of The Ball Queuing?

Remember when you spent most of the Ball queuing?  This year you want a festival!

5. The food was slimy and stale and touched by a thousand hands… yet we still pigged out on it.  (Hey free dinner!)  Crisps: gone in 10 minutes.  Fruit: it’s impolite to help yourself!

Gross Food Is Free Food

Gross food is free food

6. The sports people got really angry about something.  And then they suddenly left.  And you felt like the only one still there.

Angry Sportspeople Have Left.  Do I stay

7. All the fantastic lessons learned.  Like that Drama and Physics are examined differently.  Or that when we need the loo, we’re allowed to go.