Union officials attack ‘rich whites’ and ‘disgusting’ sports clubs after motion flop

Attack launched on the ethnic and social background of those present at the AMM

Union officials have reacted with extraordinary anger after their proposal regarding sport ‘role reviews’ was defeated, which they’d apparently been working on for months. 

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Rather than accepting the result of the democratic process, VP for Community, Ellie Williams, launched an astonishing attack on the ethnic and social background of those present. She tweeted that the event was ‘the biggest display of rich white male privilege I’ve ever seen’ and that ‘the student body hasn’t looked like that since the 1950s’.

The comments came despite the event being heavily advertised and there being no rules preventing those from non-white backgrounds attending.

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White people were not the only ones to be attacked by Ms Williams. She also expressed her dismay at the fact some sportsmen left the event after the relevant motion was defeated. The proposal involved responsibility for Sport being shifted on to a new ‘student development officer’.

Alessandra Berti, VP for Welfare and Equality, who recently tweeted that she was ‘indescribably sad’ when The Tab dared to criticise one of her manifesto proposals, also labelled the students who turned up to vote as ‘unrepresentative’.

Ms Berti also disputed Alice Webb’s statement that Bristol sportsmen and women were ‘passionate’ and ‘engaged’ individuals.


One can only wonder how far the comments will damage the relationship between the Union leadership and the sports societies. The Tab also fears that Ms Williams may find her role as VP ‘Community’ difficult in future given that a considerable number of the Bristol student population are white and privileged.