Captain’s Preview: Varsity American Football

The Tab Bristol brings you an exclusive interview with Bristol Barracuda Captain Sam Farley ahead of their grudge match, as they search for their first victory over those UWE bastards

This coming Sunday, it is the first Varsity event of the year. Kicking off this bitter and unyielding rivalry will be the American Football, as the Bristol Barracudas meet the UWE Bullets in what promises to be a brutal and fierce encounter. We interview Barracuda captain, Sam Farley. 

Can the Barracuda's claim bragging rights over their neighbors and rivals?

Can the Barracuda claim bragging rights over their neighbours and rivals?

So Sam, why should supporters come and watch the game this Sunday?

“Do you love your University? This is the start of the Varsity series against UWE and we want to see the whole University getting behind their team. It’s an incredible event for supporters. We have the game itself which will be huge, but we also have commentary, mic’d up referees, a pre-game and halftime show with the Bristol Jets and UWE Comets cheerleading squads, a bar and a pre-game tailgating party, as well as loads of giveaways and crowd interaction. We’re bringing the Super Bowl to Bristol. With the commentary team on hand you won’t even need to know the rules to enjoy the action.”


It promises to be a spectacle; Bristol’s very own Superbowl, without the irritating and relentless adverts (and Americans)

History hasn’t been kind to the Cuda with Varsity, having never won, can you make history and do it this weekend?

“The fact we haven’t won this game before isn’t a millstone around our necks, it’s fuel that only makes us more determined to win. I still have the t-shirt they gave us for competing last year, I use it as motivation to improve and I’ve been wearing that shirt this week to remind me what we need to do. This is the final Varsity game for myself and a number of my teammates, and nothing would mean more to us than to get the victory. But we need you, Bristol students, to come and support us. We’ve got a great group of guys, great coaching staff and a great unity, and I know that if we play at our best then we can beat anyone. We’ve had a tough year, and have been inconsistent at times but the weapons are there, and Sunday may be when we let them off. I’m sure it will be a Cuda player walking off with the MVP award.”

Sam hasnt changed his shirt all week; this decision to try and stink the opposition into submission may be the cutting edge the Bristol Boys need

Sam hasn’t changed his shirt all week; this tactic  is to try and stink the opposition into submission. It may be the cutting edge the Bristol Boys will need against such formidable opposition

That sounds like fighting talk…

“We know what we need to do. The Bullets are a good side, and many of us have played or trained alongside their players at senior level. However that doesn’t stop us from embracing the rivalry. After the game we will shake hands and have a drink, but on the field it will be a war.”

Underneath all that padding are warriors, seeking vengence

Thomas Jefferson – “I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind”… Sam Farley feels differently, and cant wait to meet UWE in the heat of battle

How has the team been preparing for the game?

“This is a tough game, and we are going out there to win, so we’ve worked very hard with the coaches behind the scenes. We’ve been viewing and analysing our opposition’s game film to work out their system and their weak links. Not to mention working hard on the training field to make sure we are ready to play our own game, and play hard and aggressive. We will be ready for this game.”

Not to be missed

If that has got you looking forward to the big game then you can buy tickets (including bus travel from the University) at More details of the event, including bus times can be found at