Why it’s great to be single on Valentine’s Day!

Who needs love anyway? Will Disney outlines the benefits of single life this Valentine’s…

February 14th. Single-handedly one of the worst days of the year. An excuse for couples to exaggerate their affection for one another to the rest of the world…and actually get away with it!

Nonetheless this day is also one of the best for those yet to meet ‘the one’, and here’s why:


This stupid tradition adopted from across the pond has led to significant, worthless costs. Being single ensures money is not wasted on cards that get thrown out after a week or presents that your partner will pretend to like. This money can be used for more important things. This includes buying a hamster, just to fill the impending void of doom that constitutes your terrifying loneliness. Although I’m not bitter at all. Promise.

I know where my money is going this Valentines Day

I know where my money is going this Valentines Day

No Expectations, No Disappointments!

Planning for the ‘big day’ is a nightmare. All the best restaurants are booked, the cinema is packed and the park benches are crammed with couples eating each other’s faces. This leads to a less than satisfying trip to Jason Donorvan’s for the evening meal. The single folk on the other hand can happily stroll into their favourite grotty bar/pub and have no fears of it being over-crowded.

'Yeah, about dinner sweetheart...'

‘Yeah, about the meal sweetheart…’

All about You!

For you, it is like any other day of the year. You can do what you want and have no worries of what your partner will think. Wear your Pyjamas, do your exercise or eat what you want all day! Failing this, the fact it is a ‘special day’ can be seen as an excuse to get plastered. Lounge anyone?

It's a 'special day', why not!?

It’s a ‘special day’ after all

Get Lucky?

Not everyone has a match made in heaven! Being single on the day can make it easier to ‘break the ice’ with a fellow single soul. No need to use cheesy chat up lines or act impressively. Use the day’s reputation to finally talk to that boy/girl who sits opposite you in the seminar group and see what happens. Besides, if it doesn’t work out, just a reminder…think of the benefits of it not working out the same day next year!

Perhaps the busiest man on Valentines Day

Perhaps the busiest man on Valentines Day?