Too much dogging on the Downs

Local officials have declared war on “sex litter” – all the condoms left behind from people getting overly-intimate on the Downs.

Condoms Downs Sex Sex Litter

Students are always warned to stay away from the Downs in the evening – and it looks like that might just be a good idea.

Downs Ranger Robert Westlake is urging the local government to take action against the ‘sex litter’ problem – he’s sick of all the used condoms. 

Someone's Been Naughty At Night

Someone’s been naughty…

The council is being very proper and middle class about it too – they’re officially calling the dirty deed “anti-social behaviour” and are aiming to “encourage more general use.”  We assume that means more footie and less nookie.

There's More Than One Way To Get Sweaty On The Downs

There’s more than one way to get sweaty on the Downs…

The council says they try to clear up the mess within two hours of naughty couples bonking in the bushes.

But frankly, The Tab doesn’t know what all the fuss about.  At least everyone’s practising safe sex!

You Know You've Been Adventurous When Your Clothes Are Found Like This

You know you’ve been adventurous when your clothes are found like this