Union Rep Tom Flynn chucked out of hotel

Wild child and VP For Education Tom Flynn is thrown out of his London hotel and forced to sleep on public transport.

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Tom Flynn, UBU Vice-President for Education, and his cronies were reportedly thrown out of their hotel last weekend while on UBU business.

The former EpiBore Editor and his gang have been accused of making mischief and mayhem during their night at Aldgate East Travelodge, where they were staying for a Union conference in London. After getting chucked out of the hotel, Tom and his friends ended up sleeping on a train!

They’d been in London for an Aldwych meeting between twenty Student Union reps from all the top Universities.

Don't Know Him? Tom Flynn Is The UBU Hottie

Don’t know him? Tom Flynn is the UBU hottie

Tom was joined by Hugh Murdoch (EUSA President) and Tom Rutland (OUSU President) in his late-night antics.

By 3am, hotel staff say they had enough and tossed the three out onto the streets.

The trio then traipsed around the city for a few hours in a “pan-London adventure”. They even turned down former Warwick SU President Leo Boe’s offer to put them up for the night.

Bad Night - Tom Was Grumpy Even Before He Was Chucked Out

Bad night – Tom was already grumpy

By 6am they still had nowhere to kip for the night and Tom resorted to the London Underground.  They climbed onto the Piccadilly Line and slept on the train until 9am as it went all the way to Heathrow Airport and looped back into Central London.

The night was definitely too much for the aged and ailing Tom – the next day he woke up at 9pm.

Here's How Poor Flynny Recovered

Here’s how poor Flynny recovered

A Travelodge representative told the Tab: “They’d all been messing around all night.  They were mad, they were probably drunk and they had no respect for anyone else.  We have other guests too, you know.”

But Tom says he wasn’t misbehaving – he was just helping some friends who didn’t have a place to stay, inviting them in.

He said: “Turns out putting up friends who’re stuck isn’t allowed even if you’re being good.”

Naughty Flynny Has No Regrets About His Wild Night

Naughty Flynny has no regrets

He certainly doesn’t seem to have any regrets. The next day he tweeted “it was fun” whilst partner-in-crime Tom Rutland joked “it’s a tale for our respective kids when we’re old.”