Confirmed: Bristol better than Hollywood

Mysterious sign confirms Bristol is better than Hollywood

We all know Bristol is undoubtedly better than Hollywood. Nowhere rivals its reputation as a city of superstars. Yes, OK, Hollywood has George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, but let’s face it they’re just not as big as John Lounge, Jason Donnervan, Rob Ho and President Griffiths.

That’s why everyone’s delighted that Bristol’s finally got the recognition that it deserves: its own Hollywood-style sign. 

At last, Bristol's fame is recognised

At last, Bristol’s fame is recognised

It’s not known who’s responsible for the mysterious construction, which can be found on the side of the Avon Gorge, overlooking the city, but whoever it is – we salute you!

After the ‘Bristol Pound’ was launched in 2012 to defend local trade, we hope that this celebration of a distinct Bristolian identity represents another step towards the foundation of an Independent Kingdom of Bristol, ruled by Rob Griffiths.


Clooney V Lounge

Ryan V Rob

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