It’s A Girl!

Bristol grad has Peter Andre’s daughter

Baby Daughter Emily MacDonagh Medic Peter Andre

Bristol medic Emily MacDonagh has given birth to Peter Andre’s child – a baby girl.

Emily and Pete

Emily and Pete

The baby was born at Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset. Peter confirmed the news on Twitter, saying “mum and bubba are doing fine.”

New mum Emily, 24, graduated from Bristol last year with a degree in Medicine. She met Katie Price’s ex after her father, a surgeon in Somerset, operated on him to remove kidney stones in 2010.

Emily's Reaping All The Benefits Of Being A Pop Star's Sweetheart

Brizzle grad Emily at a glitzy celeb shindig

Emily and the sometime pop star hooked up in July 2012. She says she’s still going to become a doctor, but her parents are reportedly not pleased.

Emily With Peter's First Two Brilliantly Named Children

40-year-old Peter Andre has two other children with ex-wife Katie Price – Junior, 8 and Princess (he calls her Pringles), 6. Let’s hope he does a better job naming this child.