Tab Tries: Rob Ho Film Premiere

The Tab was invited to the glamorous Bristol premiere of ‘Landlord: Time to Pay the Rent’, the hotly-anticipated new film from local legend and landlord Rob Ho.

If you read our exclusive interview with the legendary Rob Ho a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know that he’s no ordinary Bristol landlord.

The martial arts expert, fight choreographer, actor, director and producer – who’s worked with (and been punched by) Jim Carrey on the set of ‘Kick-Ass 2’ – has just released his gripping new action thriller Landlord: Time to Pay the Rent.

The Tab was lucky enough to be invited along to the première on Sunday afternoon. What was it like? Well let’s just say the film failed to disappoint…

Tab journos with the cast of ‘Landlord’

When we arrived, we soon realised that this was a proper action movie première. Photographers were frantically taking snaps of the stars, martial arts experts were everywhere and even a guy from the Skyfall casino scene had made the trip down to Bristol. I was half expecting Daniel Craig or Jim Carrey to casually turn up.

With the guy from Skyfall!

Before the main feature, we were treated to a trailer of the legendary landlord’s next project, Vigilante. Rob had previously informed us that during filming for this upcoming feature, which took place in a derelict building, he’d almost had to use his martial arts skills for real.

Rob said, “When we arrived on location, we encountered two very suspicious men who said they’d been ‘looking after’ the building and ‘protecting’ it. I didn’t believe them. Anyway, I think they got the message – they soon ran away.”

Judging by Rob’s performance in The Landlord, which featured him taking down an entire private army by himself, that was probably a good decision.

‘Vigilante’ trailer starring Rob Ho

After the creepy trailer, it was time for the main feature – Landlord: Time to Pay the Rent. The plot revolves around Luis Fei’s (Rob Ho) attempts to single-handedly destroy an organised crime network after his family business is targeted by its leader, the ruthless Mr Warwick.

‘Landlord: Time to Pay the Rent’ trailer (Warning: contains strong, bloody violence)

Everything about this film was memorable: men being stabbed to death with biro pens, people having their heads stamped on and a developing romance between Luis Fei and one of his glamorous assistants. If you’re an action fan, then you definitely won’t be disappointed by this martial arts extravaganza.

The Tab with the legendary Rob Ho

Also in attendance was Rob’s co-star, Zara Phythian, a 13-time multi-style sports Martial Arts Champion, a Guinness World Record holder and a member of the I.K.K Hall of Fame alongside Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

Don’t mess with Zara

Watch Zara Phythian on ‘Guinness World Records Smashed’

After the film, Bristol’s Bruce Lee informed the audience that the fighting scenes were shot in very much an ‘old-fashioned’ way.

“A couple of guys had to go to hospital. One broke his nose and another was hurt when Zara kicked him in the leg. I picked up a nasty bruise on my shoulder, but it was nothing!”

Getting attacked by Dionne Warwick, one of ‘Landlord’ antagonists

It’s an exciting year ahead for Rob. He’s appearing in Keanu Reeves’ film 47 Ronin and he also revealed that an American company might be interested in participating in production of Vigilante.

After seeing the film, one thing’s for sure: I’ll be careful to pay the rent on time!