Rising Stars

Meet more of the biggest names of Bristol sport.

Tom Dean

The Rising Star of the Men's Water Polo team

The Rising Star of the Men’s Water Polo team

Course: Law

Sport: Water Polo

What’s been the highlight of your Water Polo/Swimming career?

Throwing our coach Mark Taylor into the pool last year after winning BUCS Gold for the second year in a row. When you train as often as we do winning is expected, yet still glorious.

The club demands a lot of personal investment of time and effort, more so than any other university sports team, yet the joint rewards for such commitment far surpass the individual contributions. Having an ex-National team and Commonwealth medal winning coach is also quite nice.

Where do you see yourself in two years’ time?

Running a small and moderately successful pastry shop.

What major awards/competitions have you won?

Recently,  Great Britain Mens 2nd Team 2013, and BUCS Gold Medal 2013. Also, Great Britain Juniors 2010-2012, Oostend Invitational International-Regional Championships Gold Medal 2011.

Key Stage 2 Wheetos ‘Speak and Spell’ Award 2001.

Craziest thing you’ve done on a social?

Apart from the stolen plane there’s not much I can say: the club omerta exists for a reason. Rest assured everything is in good taste though.


Theo Spyrides

Theo in action for the Basketball team

Sport: Basketball

What’s been the highlight of your sporting career?

Second top scoring for the East England team in my last regional tournament ever. I found it especially rewarding as I had very limited minutes but tried to impact the game where I could.

Where do you see yourself in two years’ time?

Hopefully in one of the top two leagues in BUCS basketball as well as playing a significant role in a national league team. To me, my main goals are all team orientated as that is what is important in basketball but individually, I would love to see my hard work pay off and to be dunking consistently.

What major awards/competitions have you won?

With my school, I won the county tournament 6/7 times and also captained Hertfordshire county to be inter-county tournament champions but in terms of major competitions, that is all I have won. I did finish second in the Nationals twice with my school as well as being Runners Up and Third Place for East England in the regional tournaments. I have won individual awards, like MVP and best defensive player, at basketball camps and at school and club but nothing major.

Craziest thing you’ve done on a social? 

This is a hard one… probably taking a charge (basically falling over dramatically) on a man and his dog.