VIDEO: Aliens invade Bristol (maybe)

Weird glowing object spotted in Bristol harbour.

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Locals and students alike have been left spooked by a creepy glowing creature that emerged in the dark water of the harbourside.

The luminous blobby thing, described by awestruck onlookers as “alien-like”, was floating at the surface of the water, and attracted an audience of stunned residents, all capturing the mysterious marine animal on video.

A Bristolian chap in the eerie vid gasps, “It’s going on YouTube that innit?”, while another whispers in amazement “Oh my goodness!”

Predictably, fun sponges have been out in force to claim that the footage is just a “bullshit viral video”, or point out that the creature is probably a jellyfish or “marine salp” (whatever that is), rather than an underwater ET.

Nothing duller than a doubter.

Hmm, admittedly it does look QUITE a lot like a jellyfish.
Photo: @ManbersPred

Not convinced? Get a load of this: