The good, the bad and the ugly: We take on celeb selfies

The Tab writers pose as our favourite celebs and yes, we look just as beautiful.

Whether it’s Twitter or Instagram, Cara or Chris, celebrities love to bombard us with photos of themselves. So we decided to take on the challenge of imitating our faves . Here we go:

1. The Bed Head

Just rolled out of bed


For those days were you just happen to wake up with perfect make-up but you’ve yet to catch sight of a comb and you just can’t resist a quick Insta selfie. Teaming with PJs, Zooey Deschanel is definitely pulling off this rolled out of bed look.

I’m not sure I look quite as fresh faced as Miss D though.

2. The Cross Eyed Cara

Judging by our versions of Cara’s signature cross-eyed selfie, it seems like there’s only one person who pulls this look off (and it’s not us).

The beautiful Cara Delevigne seems to be able to look just as hot pulling a cross-eyed pig face – not fair, we know!

3. Niall’s Perfect Locks

As 1D’s crazed fans from all over the globe screamed in horror at the thought of their blonde haired leprechaun turned into a purple haired goblin. Here at The Tab we were straight on the challenge. And I really took one for the team staining my head, hands and bathroom in the process (oops!).

4. New Shoe Selfie

Cameron being a gymnast

Check out how flexy I am

Camerion Diaz manages to get her face and foot into the same ‘new shoe’ selfie. Not only does this pose give you the opportunity to flash your new treds, it also lets you show off your flexibility. Win, win.

5. 2-in-1 cliché: fish eye lense and a smoking selfie

Because one’s never enough

Real gangsta

Chris Browns’ selfie is probably his least offensive photo this year. But it’s not just the A-list ‘gangsta’ celebs living the HIGH life in Amsterdam. We take on Chris’ selfie – swapping his blunts for blunt pencils. Just as effective.

6. Kim Kardashian and THAT white swimsuit

Everyone’s fave Kimmy shot


Kim Kardashian is well known for her Twitter selfies and infamous poses, so it only seemed right we take put our spin on the bootay pose. And boy did we do the swimsuit selfie justice.