Is this Birmingham Uni sport video almost as cringey as Loughborough SU’s?

See if you can watch UoB Sport’s rendition of ‘You are my Sunshine’ without cringing (it’s almost impossible).

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It’s the video which has been dubbed “almost as bad as Loughborough SU’s” by students.

If you haven’t seen it yet, feast your eyes (and ears) upon this cringe-inducing promo film for University of Birmingham Sport. We think it was going for inspirational, but it’s making us reach for the sick bucket more than the stars…

So inspirational, it’ll make you want to join the Bowling team

The 3min 48 second video (only 2.27 of that being the actual footage, the rest is credits) features the American Football team, Athletics, Basketball, Lacrosse and Rugby Union to name a few.

Watch UoB’s finest athletes prancing around in the famous Aston Webb Great Hall to a bizarre version of ‘You are my Sunshine’, to which the words are replaced with ‘You are my Birming-HAAM’ (doesn’t quite fit.)

Organ. Epic.

Commenters branded it “terrible” and ‘”laughable” on YouTube.

Would probably be more at home in a scene from Les Mis

You gotta give it to them though, the filmography is pretty good. See it for yourself here:

Loughborough Student Union officers were hammered by media outlets worldwide earlier this term for their truly awful cover of Naughty Boy’s ‘La La La’.

Claiming they were having “a bit of fun after work”, the four minute clip saw students maraud around the union building “singing” their own rendition of the former number one.

The altered lyrics, delivered flatly by the exec team, promise students “the time of their life” if they get involved with the SU.

Choice lines include: “shake your bu-ck-e-e-e-t” and “there’s loads for you to do at LSU”.

Hilariously, the song was so bad that Naughty Boy’s people made a copyright claim against the hapless Lufbra SU team. The video was swiftly taken offline.

Fortunately though, a quick-witted Tab reporter downloaded the audio, so you can still hear it:

Is this as bad as Loughborough SU’s? Let us know what you think in the comments!