We’re having less sex than our parents

Official stats show only three quarters of us got lucky last year – compared to 90% among the middle aged.

Students are having less sex than their parents, a shock new study has revealed.

Research by medical mag Lancet found only three quarters of 16-24 year olds had sex last year, compared to 90% among the middle aged.

And our generation is so frigid that a 64-year-old is more likely to get their end away than an undergraduate.

This is statistically as likely to happen as a 54-year-old giving a blowjob

While you’re dicking about on Tinder, they’re getting down to it

The report also found:

• The average Brit has sex five times a month – down from six a decade ago.
• Anal is the only sex we have more than our parents – they match us for oral.
• More than half of the nation’s OAPs shagged last year, and 3% did anal.

The news will fuel growing claims that our generation is the most puritanical since the 1950s. It follows exclusive Tab research from earlier this year which discovered that a whopping 12% of students are still virgins.

This graphic shows the percentage of each age group that had taken part in the sexual activity.

As this graphic shows, our generation in the past year actually had vaginal, oral and manual sex fewer times in the past year than most of our parents did although that trend doesn’t hold for anal sex which is statistically a young man’s game.

Research published in the Lancet medical journal has shown that on average men get their leg over 4.9 times a month while the average woman enjoys some how’s your father 4.8 times a month.

This is now more likely to happen at a council library than a university one

The average shag rate of five per month is disappointing for British sex enthusiasts as it represents a drastic decline from previous figures which had shown both sexes enjoying hanky panky more than six times every month.

For men the friskiest age group was between 25 and 34 which, boys, implies that your tutor’s probably putting it around more than you are.

Firmly inside the 16-24 year old age bracket

They’re probably just on facebook

Reasons put forward for the fall in fornication include the increased use of pornography as a substitute for old-fashioned bonking with horny students taking the problem in hand rather than reaching out for some help.

The distracting power of modern technology has also been blamed with twitter replacing slap-and-tickle and laptops more popular than lap dances.

According to the brainiacs modern students are missing out on missionary, calling time on the cowgirl and ditching doggy.

Do you like the no pants dance more than the average man? Are you getting laid more than the rest of the nation’s ladies? The Tab wants to know: