Video: Meet the Fuze models

Have a gawp at some of the outrageously beautiful cast of FUZE – Brizzle’s legendary fashion, music and dance event.

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Having an ugly day? Bad luck: FUZE, Bristol’s mega-popular, student-run, fashion, music and dance bonanza, has just released a preview video…and it is chock-full of demoralisingly gorgeous human beings.

Bristol’s heartbreakers

The glossy poutathon features a selection of Brizzle’s most impossibly attractive students, and is crammed full of lingering stares, Abercrombie & Fitch-style carefree poses, and shots of the models just generally having a really fun time.

Ooh, arty!

FUZE, a huge annual charity show organised entirely by Bristol students, is set to explode into your field of vision in late February, when dancers, models and musicians take to the stage in the largest student-run event of its kind.

You can find more info here. We at The Tab are very excited.

Beautiful people have more fun.

FUZE 2014: Meet the models