Feminist drinking secrets revealed

Anyone fancy a Consensual Sex on the Beach?

What makes a cocktail feminist? It’s bigger, it’s better, and it’s sangria, according to this set of alternative cocktail recipes, posted on Brizzle’s feminist society Facebook group yesterday.

On the menu for the boozier feminist are various ‘twists on a classic’, including a Cosmopolitan is a Shit Magazine, a Consensual Sex on the Beach and an Intersectionaquiri.

For the more literary fem, there’s a choice of a Bloody Mary Wollstonecraft, or a non-alcoholic Virgin-ia Woolf. Our choice, though, has to be the bourbon whiskey-based Manhatin’.

The alternative cocktails originally featured in a magazine put together by WomCam, the women’s campaign for Oxford uni’s Student Union – also the brains behind the mega-popular “I need feminism because” campaign.

Who said feminists were humourless, eh?