Big Pets On Campus: Nelson

This week’s BPOC is Nelson Pembroke of Clifton, who may or may not be male.


This week’s BPOC: Nelson Pembroke

Name: Nelson Pembroke

Owner: George Lee, Economics and Politics student

Family history: Mr Lee won me from a fearsome pirate in a game of liar dice when I was 9 weeks old. I believe the brigand is still at large, sailing the seas around Somalia, attempting to reinstate some of the old romance back into the piracy business.

Likes: Summering in the Algarve. Contemplating the nature of the universe and my place within it. A bottle of 1973 Chateauneuf-de-Pape, shared with a beautiful woman.

Dislikes: “Own Brand” Cola. The juice that must be drained from Philadelphia cheese upon opening. Tyranny.

Favourite food: Dog meat, naturally.

Best thing about student life: Exposure to the academia that my esteemed housemates bring back to the house every evening. My main area of study is the post-war history of feline repression in sub-continental Asia.

Worst thing about student life: The lads’ inability to confidently establish my gender. Recent estimations show a 76% certainty of being male.

Fun fact: I’m on Facebook, bitches. (Don’t bother trying, I’ll add you).

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