Oh rah-lly?

Study reveals that Brizzle has the 5th most privately-educated students in the country.

In perhaps some of the least shocking news to date, Briz has been revealed to be one of the most rah-dominated universities in the country.

Rah-density represented by choice of pre-drinks.

Bristol has glided with ease into the top 5 universities in England for rah-density, as it’s emerged that a whopping 36.8% of students at Bristol are from private school backgrounds, according to a study by the Sutton Trust.

And that’s despite the fact that students at fee-paying schools make up just 7% of school pupils in Britain.

In even less shocking revelations, Oxford hogs the top spot for posho-intake with a colossal 46.6%, with Cambridge (42.7%), Durham (38.3%), and Imperial (37.2%) nabbing 2nd, 3rd and 4th position.

A weensy 0.9% of Bristol’s students received free school meals at school, which seems to have slightly dodgy implications for access.

MIC star and Tab fave Spenny Matthews would be seriously at home in Bristol. In fact, here he is doing his thang at Syndicate.

Despite Bristol’s reputation for being ‘a bit posh’, these findings may well come as a shock to the nation’s private school students, who are often told by teachers that Brizzle has a bias against independent schools.

However, that the Sutton Trust’s data shows that Briz admitted a stonking 3,115 private school students between 2005 and 2007, does seem to be pretty in line with the recent discovery that Bristol has been giving brilliant schools preferential treatment.

At the other end of the spectrum, Wolverhampton, East London, Bedfordshire, Teesside and Bolton admit the least private school students in England,  with tiny proportions of between 1% and 1.2% coming from fee-paying schools.

Worlds away in Bolton, a miniscule 20 toffs were let past the doors between 2005 and 2007.