What a girl wants

Tab Fashion reveals what girls really think of guys’ clothes

We asked a selection Bristol’s female students which items of men’s clothing turned them on and off. Read on for the results…

The ladies said YES to:

Smart clothes: it seems that the girls can’t resist a tailored coat and a sophisticated shoe – peacoats, brogues and chelsea boots were all popular.

Top pulls out all the stops – including a pocket watch – to smarten up the streets of Bristol.


Backpacks: several girls had a soft spot for the backpack, which mixes practicality with an air of nonchalant cool.

Manbag of the moment: the backpack in action


Snapbacks: these proved to be a controversial topic on campus, but most agreed that on the right guy, it can work. Also acceptable if covering shit hair.

Snapbacks: yay..?  Photo: Lakota

…or nay?       Photo: Bunker


Knitwear: a nice jumper goes a long way. Several girls stated their preference for it to be worn with nothing underneath (cheeky!).

The upcoming holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to woo in winter knits. Photo: Bunker


Well-fitting jeans: not too baggy, not too skinny – and one female student admitted to liking the ‘sneak preview’ given when just the right amount of boxer is on display. 

Warning: A ‘sneak preview’ can come dangerously close to indecent exposure when alcohol is involved.


The ladies said NO to: 

Anything ‘outdoorsy’: despite Bristol’s hilliness and unpredictable weather, walking boots, fleeces and kagools were definite no-no’s.

St Michael’s Hill: Not an excuse to dress like your climbing Kilimanjaro.


Cuffed trackies: perhaps acceptable in the comfort of your own home, but not to be worn to lectures.

The cuffed tracksuit bottom was deemed even worse if it carried an Adidas logo. Photo: www.littlewoods.com


Parkas with unnecessarily large, fluffy hoods: said hoods never seem to serve practical purposes, but encourage the wearer to walk with a certain swagger, hands thrust deep into coat pockets. Girls do not think this looks cool.


The parka hood makes boys behave in strange ways… Photo: Bunker


Anything blazoned with the words ‘Hollister’ or ‘Abercrombie & Fitch’ : according to the girls, those brands should remain firmly in your schoolboy past. Particularly awful in this respect is the gilet.

Why one should never purchase a gilet from Hollister. Photo: www.hollisterco.com


Jeans that look like your mum bought them: need we say more?

Mum doesn’t always know best. Photo: www.digitalspy.co.uk



COMING SOON: the boys get a chance to voice their opinions on what the girls are wearing.