Ok or not ok? Do these student costumes take things too far?

We’ve assembled some of the most controversial costumes from recent student news stories. Tell us which ones over-step the mark.

Bad taste costumes are in vogue at the moment. From September 11th to Sombreros, bits of cardboard and cloth have never upset so many people. But which ones are acceptable, and which ones are just not OK? Tell us.

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile (inset) is alleged to have sexually abused 450 victims but that hasn’t stopped students dressing up as him for Halloween.


Mexicans (inset) have worn sombreros for generations, but the hat was banned by Birmingham’s Students Guild, because it “could be seen as imitation of a culture and relate to a stereotype”.


Prince Harry (middle) was branded “sick” when he dressed up as a member of the Nazi Party (inset)

Hitler on holiday

Adolf Hitler holidayed in the Bavarian Alps

Madeleine McCann

Maddy McCann disappeared in Portugal in 2007, but this student (anonymised at the photographers request) didn’t see that as a problem – insisting that his outfit depicted the missing child.

September 11th 

3,000 people lost their lives on September 11th 2001, but that didn’t stop these two Chester students dressing as the atrocity

Somali pirates

Somali pirates are the scourge of North Africa responsible for a host of deaths and kidnappings

Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings might be a beloved comedy favourite but blacking up has generally been viewed as racist since the death of The Black and White Minstrel Show in the 1970s

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ gave his life for our sins and his name to the world’s biggest religion, but he remains a staple of student fancy dress

Colonel Gaddafi

Beaten to death in 2011 after over four decades of oppressing his people, Gaddafi is no laughing matter for the people of Libya who suffered under his cruel regime.