Big Pets On Campus: Penelope

This week’s BPOC is Penelope, a pedigree house bunny from Clifton.

BPOC: Pea the bunny

BPOC: Pea the bunny

Name: Penelope (Pea for short)

Owners: 6 girls in a flat in Clifton

Family history: Purchased from a reputable breeder in Bristol. Has prize-winning pedigree parents.

Likes: Biting through iPhone chargers, peeing in unsuspecting laps

Dislikes: Any kind of slippery flooring, Weetabix, bedtime

Favourite food: Wilkinson’s ‘Deluxe Bunny Muesli Crunch’

Best thing about student life: There’s always someone to watch Jeremy Kyle with

Worst thing about student life: Being drunkenly snuggled in predrinks

Fun fact: Pea has been known to eat her own faeces directly out of her bottom

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