Union keeps students in Suspension

Student apathy at all-time high as UBU’s brand new club night is cancelled for the rest of the term after, er, no one turned up.

Bristol’s Student Union has announced it is scrapping its Suspension club night only a few weeks after it launched earlier this term.

A regular attendance of ‘a few’ was fuelled by a lacklustre marketing campaign, and is being held responsible for the premature demise of the club night.

Competing with established nights in venues such as Motion and Bunker, Suspension was already up against it, although the attendance was reported to have doubled on some nights when the DJ playing the second set arrived.

Indifferent punter Rafe Higson told The Tab: “Yeah I thought about going to Suspension once.”

Student DJ mecca.

With the increasingly delayed refurbishment of the Union building located on Queen’s road, the closure offers yet another blow for the Bristol Student Union, recently voted 120th out of 127 University unions in a study conducted by the Guardian.

And yet more disappointment looms for students as the Union looks to dispel any remnants of Christmas cheer by re-opening Suspension next year.

Let’s hope the promises of “a more commercial vibe” and “the cheapest drinks you’ll find on a Saturday” live up to the hype.