It’s official: PRYZM is Bristol’s Worst Night Out

PRYZM destroys rivals to clinch title of Worst Night Out in Bristol.


Brizzle’s students have spoken: PRYZM has been voted Bristol’s Worst Night Out 2013, beating notorious dives like Syndicate and Po Na Na to claim the prestigious title.

Almost 2200 of you voted, with PRYZM, the only club with its own dedicated hate-site, hogging a whopping 30.82% of the vote – that’s a massive 676 votes.

Democracy in action

Despite a huge editorial oversight, which resulted in the club’s initial absence from the poll, people’s choice PRYZM battered the opposition to come out on top.

We can’t be sure, but it’s definitely possible that PRYZM’s out-and-out win may be something to do with this monumental screw-up.

Commenter ‘Daizy’ wrote, “I’d rather chew off my own leg than pay to get into Pryzm again,” while ‘Someone that actually ventures out’ added, “[PRYZM] looks the same, just more excuse to charge a ridiculous price for minimal stuff. surprised ice isn’t extra.” (sic).

A fractious comment section

Not all punters were in agreement with the nominees, with many – who The Tab can only assume ain’t students – rising to the defence of Syndicate, which nonetheless scored silver medal position with a hefty 28.42% overall.

PRYZM – the night that was.

Keen clubber Daniel Simms wrote, “Simms here, the syndicate superclub…. IS the best in Bristol”, while Soph chipped in, “Syndicate isn’t even bad? Just cause you’re all twats when you’re there doesn’t make it a bad place.”

Unfortunately, PRYZM were unavailable for comment, but The Tab offers its sincerest congratulations nonetheless.