Best places to go on a date in Brizzle

Got a fitty to charm? Resident lurrrve experts Sam Farley and Isla Stewart take us through the most romantic locations in Bristol.

Folk (usually the old ones) are always saying it’s likely you’ll meet Mr or Mrs Right at uni.

We’re not sure quite how true that is, but on the off-chance the 10/10 on your course is your soulmate (or possibly just up for it), it’s obviously of the utmost importance that you impress on the first date.

The Tab has asked two of Bristol’s premier romance-experts to compile a list of the best spots for wooing your target: from the Suspension Bridge to The Glassboat, read on for the complete guide to Brizzle’s most romantic locations.

Recommended by Sam:

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge: it’s hella romantic.

Brunel’s Suspension Bridge, the picture postcard image of Bristol, and the perfect place to bridge the gap from the friendzone to the bedzone. From whichever vantage point you choose, the bridge is genuinely stunning to look at and (nerd moment), considering the engineering that went into it, is sure to blow your mind.

It also looks just as great in day as it does at night. It’s a must-see at least once in your time in Bristol, and it’s free.

Things to say: “Gosh, what stunning architecture.”

Don’t mention: Unless you’re feeling a bit morbid, probably steer clear of any discussion of its reputation as a “suicide bridge.”

Rating: 9/10

The Downs

A dogger’s paradise

The Downs, where you’re as likely to see a flasher in a mac as you are a beautiful sunset. It’s nevertheless a great place to take your date. A walk around the downs is free, a great way to chat, and most importantly offers 441 acres of potential escape route.

The cliff face at the far end offers a great place to view Bristol and get an ice cream. I would recommend visiting during daylight hours if you prefer seeing dog walkers to doggers.

Things to say: “Did you know the Downs football league is the lowest level in England in which you can qualify for the FA Cup?”

Don’t mention: All the creepy, illicit shagging that goes on after dark.

King Street


King Street is one of the nicest places for bars and food in Bristol, and isn’t full of the same old chains as everywhere else. Chat casually over a drink in The Llandoger Trow or cross the road for some live music in The Old Duke.

Maybe grab a bite to eat in one of the streets great restaurants. Then top if off by watching a play at the Bristol Old Vic. Lovely.

Things to say: “Would you like to get a drink in The Apple?”

Don’t mention: A trip to The Old Bristolian. Avoid unless your date is a fan of drunken leering, saliva and incoherent rambling.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended by Isla:

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Show off your academic prowess at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

If you want to go somewhere that isn’t going to cost you a penny then this little gem is ideal. Apart from being completely free, the museum is host to a permanent collection of prehistoric skeletons, a LOT of stuffed animals and plenty of phallic rocks. All of which are great to keep conversation flowing.

Try visiting beforehand to memorise some interesting facts about dinosaurs that are sure to impress your date. It’s a good place to start if you are feeling optimistic about continuing on somewhere else as it’s so near the Triangle.

Things to say: “There’s something quite beautiful about taxidermy”

Don’t mention: Too much encylocpaedic knowledge about fossils/dinosaurs/skeletons is a no-no. You don’t want to come over too Ross from Friends

Rating: 7/10

Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower


This is the date to go on if you’ve been looking for the perfect moment to make a move. Lure your date up Brandon Hill and pick one of the well-placed benches to take in beautiful views over Bristol.

This is one time when Bristol’s weather may be on your side: cold + windy = perfect excuse to edge a little closer and share some heat. This is best done in the evening as the sun begins to set for maximum romance. Speaking as someone who was a target of this move – it works. Take it one step further and get up Cabot Tower, one of the best selfie spots in the city (so I’ve heard).

Things to say: “Let’s go up the tower and take a selfie”

Don’t mention: How bloody freezing you are. The odd shiver is cute, but don’t overdo it.

Rating: 8/10

The Glassboat

Because everything is better on a boat (see also: Thekla)

If you really want to impress or are just worried the object of your affection has caught on to the fact you’re a cheapskate – then it may be time for a trip to the Glassboat restaurant. It’s got relatively dim lighting, giving it a cosy, romantic atmosphere as well as helping to disguise any blushes as you declare your undying love far too early in the relationship after one too many glasses of wine.

Topics of conversation include: translating the menu into normal English (it’s a bit posh), comments about being on a boat that is a restaurant and feeling guilty (or not) as you see rowers passing while you finish off your third course. It’s not cheap but they do a reasonably priced ‘earlybird’ dinner deal and the food is pretty tasty.

Things to say: “Isn’t it peaceful being on the open water?”

Don’t mention: The price of some of the vino. Wooaahh.

Rating: 7/10