Big Pets on Campus: Dexter

The Tab introduces the cutest student pets. This week, meet Dexter, the 6-month-old tomcat of Redland who loves to party.


BPOC: Dexter the tomcat

Name: Dexter, Dex for short.

Owner: Zoe Adams, Physiology student.

Family history: Purchased for £30 from a family in Southend with 9 cats.

Dex maxin and relaxin

Likes: Food, cuddles and climbing into the bin.

Dislikes: Being outside, the rain and lie-ins.

Dex with owner Zoe

Favourite food: Sainsbury’s Basics cat food, ie ‘cat ham’

Best thing about student life: Going to the door with the rest of the house for fag breaks, loves parties and having lots of people around.

Halloween get-up: Dex is a literal party animal

Worst thing about student life: Occasionally being accidentally shut in a bedrooms. Litter-trained but known to poo on beds in these circumstances.

Fun fact: Zoe’s mum is paying for Dex to be castrated for her 21st birthday present (he doesn’t know it yet)

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