Uni on hunt for boffs to compete as Brizzle’s University Challenge team.

Does the prospect of facing down the bearded bullshit-eliminator that is Jeremy Paxman enthral you?

Adjudicator of The Nerd Olympics

If you’re a person who has a talent for memorising almost entirely pointless but academically significant information and just can’t stop talking about how intriguing your course is, then make sure you turn up to the University Challenge try-out this week.

Auditions are taking place on the fourth floor of the Richmond Building tomorrow between 5 and 6.15pm and on Saturday between 2 and 3.15pm, and wannabe quizzers need to fill out this form.

You will have to answer 30 questions in 30 minutes, so if you’re someone who works slowly, then sorry, you might as well forget it, unless you want to be kicked up the arse by Paxman.

Best of luck to all you boffs out there!