Briz Student goes full Buzz Lightyear

Jocelino Rodrigues set to start SPACE TRAINING next month.

Bristol student Jocelino Rodrigues is flying out to Florida next month to begin space training. 

“Beam me up Jocelino” doesn’t really have a ring to it.

The Aerospace Engineering student is among four Brits selected to fly out to an American space camp as part of a competition for Lynx Global Space Camp (and you thought they just made crappy deodorants).

To infinity and beyond (with the help of some wires).

Rodrigues, just 19, was selected from amongst an astronomical 87,000 British applicants to the process. When he arrives in Florida this December he will take on the winners of the competition from 75 other countries.

There, a panel of ‘space experts’ will select a deserving 22 who will view the Earth from 100 km up and experience weightlessness on a space shuttle. Envious Brizzle students can also experience weightlessness – by getting really, really drunk.

The Tab salutes  Jocelino Rodrigues and wishes him the best of luck in his quest to boldly go where no Bristol student has gone before.