Spencer Matthews shags a student

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews beds Birmingham student in steamy romp

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Life’s not easy when you’re Spencer Matthews: if people aren’t pretending you’ve got STIs, they’re tweeting naked pictures of you. So who can blame poor Spenny for seeking a little bit of comfort during a brief stay in Birmingham.

As The Tab can exclusively reveal, the MIC star spent a steamy night with one lucky third year student.

Sadly for the 25-year-old Old Etonian, the reviews weren’t great – his ungrateful bedfellow branded the affair “terrible”. She told The Tab: “He was terrible…he didn’t really know what he was doing.”

And the anonymous gal said she was starstruck when Spenny leaned in for the cheeky snog: “He kissed me and I just was like ‘Oh my God. Spencer Matthews is in my fucking room.’

Where the night began for Spenny

“Afterwards he was sprawled across the bed. He was all sweaty and gross. He also went to the toilet completely naked.

“He was pretty shit…he didn’t even say goodbye. He did leave me a spare condom, though. Might put a pin in it and send it to him.”

Spencer was joined by Josh Coombes and Sam Thompson, the brother of his MIC co-star Louise.

Sam (Louise’s bro) was there too

The trio descended on Brum for a wild night which saw Spenny:

  • Strip off during a saucy drinking game
  • Splurge cash at  a casino
  • Disappoint in an anti-climatic finish back at the girls’ crib

At The Hub, the anonymous girls were invited up to the VIP area of the club by Spencer and co, where they had drinks and flirty frivolities.

Josh larking about in the VIP dressing room at The Hub

Later on, they were invited up on stage with the playboy, where he challenged the lucky lady to a drinking game. He told her, “the loser has to get naked.”

When she didn’t hold her end of the bargain up, saucy Spence then told her, “It’s okay, I’ll get you naked later.”

The gang later ended up in a casino, where Spenny apparently won a cool £200.

But the fun didn’t stop there. At around 5am Spencer rocked up to the girls’ house to carry on the party, which led to two of them bedding the reality TV stars.

Sorry it’s not quite a Chelsea penthouse, Spence

Poor old Spenny must’ve worked up a bit of a sweat, as he stole the girl’s deodorant.

He was later spotted cluelessly wandering around Birmingham yesterday morning after his shambolic romping sesh.

Pals consoled Spencer with a trip to Cineworld and ice-cream, tweeting “Ben & Jerry’s Tuesdays!”

Watch Spenny in action in Birmingham: