Star Wars auditions coming to Brizzle

No uggos allowed.


This weekend Star Wars is making the journey from a galaxy far far away to the city famous for its vibrant dogging culture, in order to find some budding thesps with the X (Wing) factor.

Open auditions for the next Star Wars movie are taking place in Bristol this Saturday as part of a UK wide search to find and actor and actress capable of bringing balance to the force.

The casting notice (pictured above) seeks physically attractive, smart and athletic people, thus ruling in the vast majority of Bristol’s student population.

Specifically, the bods at Disney are casting for a “street smart and strong” orphaned girl in her late teens and a “smart capable” man in his late teens or early 20s.

It’s hasn’t been confirmed if Harrison Ford will be hitting up Lizard Lounge anytime soon.

David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars films, recently offered some advice for all the wannabe Luke Skywalkers out there.

Prowse reminded any actual Bristolians auditioning to “disguise their accents”, warning that anyone thinking of going to the open casting sessions that they ought to be “very, very serious about the whole thing”.

“You can’t go “oo-aar my dear here’s my lightsaber,” he said. The Tab finds Mr. Prowse’s lack of faith in the West-Country accent disturbing.

Chewie’s love of deep house vibes has always made him a favourite amongst Bristol students.

So if you’re feeling more Jedi master than Jar Jar Binks, head down to the Arnolfini Centre between 11am and 3pm this Saturday to audition for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII.