Brizzle’s Best-Dressed: Halloween Special

We take a look at the partygoers who pulled out all the stops this Halloween

Hats off to the students of Bristol for producing some truly inspired costumes this Halloween. As the witching hour commenced, the city came alive with all sorts of disturbing creatures, from Frankenstein brides to twerking celebs.

For some, dreams of taking social media profiles by storm with painstakingly crafted outfits were shattered where rain and rowdiness destroyed all of your Halloween handiwork.

To make you feel better, we’ve rounded up all of the coolest pics of people whose costumes made it into the club in tact.

The artistic among you had a chance to shine with some impressive facepaint:

Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ designs were a popular trend, as were creepy contacts.


Dolls came to life Photo: Syndicate

Miming: a great way to cover up drunken slurring. Photo: Syndicate

A few Jagerbombs in and The Wicked Witch of the West was all peace and love.

Rollin’ with the homies and Wednesday Addams


Several partygoers paid homage to the stars:


Bowie in Wonderland.

Let’s hope the DJ played ‘Blurred Lines’ (good job they didn’t go to the SU)

The Mileys just can’t stop. Photo: Syndicate

And, as always, fancy dress proves irresistible to the opposite sex:

Halloween: the only night you can pull a superhero Photo: Syndicate

And hey, pumpkins can be sexy too Photo: Syndicate